Apply For Grant


  • Have not yet received a grant from Face The World in 2020
  • Operating budget less than $5M
  • Particular focus on women, children, the hungry, homeless, and elderly

We are now accepting grant applications. Please submit your Expression of Interest letter to by October 31st, 2020.

Expression of Interest letter should include: your organization’s name and contact information, a contact person, CRA number, overview of your organization’s focus and activities, amount of funding requested, and what the funding will be used for.

Face The World Foundation’s Selection Committee may request additional information via email. For this year, grants will be awarded up to $7,500 per organization, with particular focus on programs that support battered women, abused children, the hungry, the homeless, and the elderly.


COVID-19 Emergency Disbursements

In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of our community, affecting the operations of many charitable organizations we support. With a particular focus on food security and nutrition, Face The World Foundation awarded seven emergency COVID-19 disbursements to support the efforts of those offering additional services during such a difficult time.

Below are the recipients of our emergency disbursements – we are working in partnership with them to feed the hungry, house the homeless, protect the vulnerable and make our community a better place.

The Jacqui Cohen Bursary Fund, in partnership with Face The World Foundation, is designed to give a hand-up to individuals who would like to improve their life-skills or employability and have faced, or are currently facing, barriers to education.

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We are grateful to all of our 2020 donors, without whom none of this is possible:

  • Garry Zlotnik – ZLC $50,000

  • Kasondra Cohen-Herrendorf $30,000

  • Ronnie Roadberg $25,000

  • Carraresi Foundation $15,000

  • Aquilini Group $5,000

  • Jane & Rory Young $2,000

  • Marlene Cohen $1,500

  • Feizal Virani $1,500

  • Patricia Gudewill $500

  • Nairne Gray $500

  • Donnie MacRae $50